Setting Off



Many of you have reached out for info regarding my cancer recurrence, treatment plan etc.   And several of you have requested that we put up this blog, so that you are able to check in periodically with my progress.

 We’re finally settling into the new reality and getting our bearings at the new treatment center at University of Colorado Hospital, which is very nurturing, professional and sun-filled.

 Today I am in the infusion center awaiting my second treatment, which is supposed to be one of the kinder of the regimens.   The first treatment was a bit challenging, but the past couple of days I’ve been feeling better than I have in some time.  The little chemo minions are doing a victory dance…  “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

 The plan right now is to receive chemo every week for eighteen weeks, with the possibility of an operation after week nine.   I was encouraged to put off surgery due to a mass near my Vena Cava vein, which is tricky real estate and could lead to complications.  The plan as of today: to hope the treatment shrinks the tumors to a more operable size.   There is the possibility that this concoction of potions will work so well that I will not need to interrupt chemo with surgery.   That would be such welcome news.

 Today I am feeling hopeful.  Cancer treatments are making exponential strides from year to year, so even if I only manage another two or three years in remission the landscape should be even more promising should we encounter this news again.

 The one bright spot of cancer is the overwhelming show of love one gets from friends and family.  When I think of all I have to live for, it is that love which resides at the center.  Thank you, my friends, thank you.  I feel so filled up with each of you. We will keep you in touch as we wind this path together.