A Celebration of Mollie’s Life

Friends & Family,

We will be celebrating Mollie Mook Fiddler’s life on Saturday 12-17-16 (Mollie’s birthday). Some of you have received invitations from Matthew Vire [via Facebook]. He is one of Mollie’s dearest friends who is helping us with Mollie’s celebration of life. Here are some of the specifics:

There will be a Catholic funeral mass at 10:00 at:
St. Jude’s Catholic Church
9405 West Florida Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80232
Thanks to Mollie’s wonderful godparents Rusty and Jerry Bianchi for arranging this.

Following the service, there will be a celebration-of-Mollie’s-life party at 12:00 at:
The King Center, University of Colorado – Denver
855 Lawrence Way
Denver, CO 80204
This will be held in a black box theatre setting. Anyone who wants to sing, dance, read a poem, share a memory will be invited to do it.
Thanks to Matthew Vire, Carol Bloom, Dan and Eileen Koetting for overseeing the logistical and creative efforts of a knock-it-out-of-the-park party.

If you are coming to the reception, let us know by 12/10/16 so that we can have the caterer provide the right amount of food and drink. My dear cousin, Roxanne Ballard, is assisting us with these efforts.

All who loved Mollie are invited. Come to both the service and the party, or to the service or the party. Please do not feel obligated. Mollie felt your love. We, her family, feel it in our bones.

People have asked about donations, and we prefer no further donations. We feel Mollie’s friends and family have already been more than generous by donating to her fundraiser. For those who want to donate, Mollie’s dear friend and mentor, Carol MacVey, is in the process of setting up a scholarship fund in Mollie’s name.If people still want to donate, consider that Mollie supported https://www.brightpink.org, no-kill animal shelters, and small community theatre groups.

Thank you.

(aka Mollie’s Mom)